Finding Your Purpose

        We all want to find our specific purpose in life. Most of us know that our general purpose is to bring glory to God through worship and making disciples. However, we often wonder, “What does God specifically want me to do in life?” We want to know what God wants us to do 2, 5, or 10 years down the road, but that’s not where God has us yet. Sure, God can speak to us about our future, but God actually has a plan and purpose for us where we are now.

        I just finished reading 1 Samuel, and there are a lot of different characters in the book. There is no doubt that Samuel, Saul, and David are the major ones, but there are also some others that are less talked about. In chapter 14, there is an unnamed young man whose job was to carry Jonathan’s (King Saul’s son’s) armor.

        In chapter 14, we read that Jonathan and this young armor bearer kill a group of Philistines (the enemy). Now don’t miss this. God used the unnamed armor bearer to help protect Jonathan who would later help protect King David. The armor bearer could have been wishing that he was going to be king one day, but that wasn’t his purpose. His purpose was right in front him. His purpose was to stay faithful to Jonathan and work to protect him. The armor bearer didn’t know that Jonathan would one day play a major role in protecting Kind David. But this armor bearer was a part of God’s story. Did he get a lot of glory? No. No one even knows his name. But he had a purpose. What if the armor bearer would have been consumed with the future? He would have missed his current purpose – protecting Jonathan.

        Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t think about the future, but many of us are so consumed with the future that we miss where God has us now. God has a purpose for us right now. Maybe it’s the same purpose 5 years from now, but maybe its not.

        Currently, I’m on staff at GFBC. I’m married to an incredible woman. My current specific purpose is to be the best minister and husband I can be. Do I think about the future and what God wants me to do on down the road? Absolutely! But God has a purpose for me right now.

        Maybe you’re in school or just working. Could it be that God’s purpose for you right now is to bring Him glory by working hard? Could it be that God’s purpose for you right now is to try to have God-conversations with those you go to school with or work with? Or maybe you have fallen in love with a country like Guatemala, Ecuador, or India. Could it be that God’s purpose for you right now is to bring awareness to the needs in that country? Could it be that God’s purpose for you right now is to rally others to pray for those people and send support to missionaries there? Or maybe God’s purpose is for you to go!

       I may be getting a little crazy here, but what if God’s purpose for you right now is to love your parents well and be an example to your brothers and sisters of what it means to follow Jesus? You say, “I don’t like my purpose…” Well, get over it, because life is not about you and what you want. Our life is about bringing glory to God. If you want to find your specific purpose in life, stop looking 5 and 10 years down the road. Start looking at where God has your right now and start fulfilling the specific purpose He has for you.