Missional Sitting: Where You Sit in Class Matters

What if God used your seat choice in class this semester to change someone’s eternity? I know this sounds crazy but just hear me out.

One of the great freedoms in most college classes is the freedom to sit wherever you want. Some people choose to sit in the back in hopes to avoid any eye-contact with the professor. Others sit close to the front to show the professor that they are one of the “good students.” A few walk into class, survey the landscape of seats, and strategically sit by someone who looks smart. And then you have the guy or girl who treats their seat choice like match.com. It usually doesn’t pan out.

As a Christian and a missionary on your college campus, one of the greatest missional steps you can take is picking your seat in class prayerfully and intentionally. You may be introverted and socially awkward, but you can intentionally sit close to someone in your class and start a friendship. Your conversations during the beginning of the semester may consist of homework, tests, and the professor. But as you pray for this new friend, God is capable of presenting you with opportunities to share your faith verbally and practically.

In John 4, Jesus took deliberate steps toward a Samaritan woman. Culturally, Jesus’ behavior did not make sense. This “Jesus encounter” changed the woman’s life for all eternity. If Jesus is our example, we need to intentionally take steps towards people.

Here are some challenges we want to give you as you go into the new semester:

1.     Before you step foot into a new class, ask God where He wants you to sit.

2.     If possible, in at least one of your classes, sit by an international student. International students are typically open to new friendships and probably don’t have any Christian friends (and possibly no American friends).

3.     If you share the class with another follower of Christ, work together to intentionally sit by people to show love, build relationships, and intentionally share the gospel through your actions and words.

Think about what God can do through your seat choice. If you have four classes on campus, that’s at least four new friends to love, minister to, and pray for (and possibly many more)! If you and nine other Christians did this, that’s at least forty people. Wow!

Remember, you’re a missionary on campus. Don’t miss this incredible missional opportunity. Choose your seat carefully! Be a “missional sitter.”