Your Purpose. God's Plan.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to someone else's? I know I do, and this typically leads to frustration and discouragement. Although pride is the root of this sin, I think there is another issue -- purpose. 

In John 3:22-30, we find John the Baptist's disciples getting frustrated after comparing their ministry to Jesus and His disciple's. John's disciples see all the people flocking to be baptized by Jesus and His disciples. This led to envy and unhappiness. John's disciples lost sight of their purpose. The whole purpose of John's ministry was to point people to Jesus. 

Misunderstanding your purpose leads to envy and unhappiness. 

John's attitude was completely different than his disciples. John understood God's plan and purpose. He knew that God wanted him to prepare the way for Jesus' coming and point people to Him. Because John understood God's plan, he was secure. He understood his identity. 

Understanding God's plan leads to security and identity. 

The people that once would have flocked to John and his disciples were not headed to Jesus. Although John's disciples were frustrated by this, John was rejoicing. John could rejoice because he was living out his purpose in accordance to God's plan. This led to humility and joy.

Fulfilling your purpose leads to humility and joy.  

Did you know that your purpose is a lot like John's? John's purpose was to prepare for Jesus, point others to Him, and bring God glory. We too are to point other to Jesus and bring glory to God in all that we do. Every ability, talent, skill, passion, gift, and circumstance in your life should be used to point others to Jesus and bring glory to God. 

Let join John, and say, "He must increase, but I must decrease." 

Tanner VinesComment